About Us


The Prenger family welcomes you home to Prenger Foods .
This business strives for excellence in customer service and quality of goods, while maintaining some of the lowest prices around.
On January 3, 1960, the Prenger family opened the doors to their business.  Now, 50 years later, Prenger Foods is a strong competitor in Mid-Missouri.
Richard C. Prenger, the founder of Prenger Foods , was determined to engrave the grocery stores with a friendly, home atmosphere.
The current owners, Kevin and Rick Prenger, have enhanced that atmosphere so that Prenger Foods is Mid-Missouri’s favorite grocery business.
Customers of Prenger Foods have consistently complimented the staff of their respective locations for providing their community the highest level of service.
The Prenger Family is not only known for the grocery store locations in Brunswick , Bucklin , Centralia , Huntsville , Macon , and Marceline .  They are also known for their successful Car Washes , Quick Lubes , and ever-growing automobile business Prenger's Classics.
So, come on in and take a look around. After visiting Prenger Foods , you won’t want to call another grocery store “Home.”




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